Your Biggest Challenge?


Here's the conventional wisdom: build a marketing funnel that generates leads, nurture them via a content strategy and then pass them on to a sales team once they've achieved a "lead score". Lead scores are based on actions such as how many emails have been opened or how many times they have visited the website.

When the lead score reaches this arbitrary threshold, the prospect is called a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). Your sales team is responsible to qualify these MQLs and then close the deal. The problem you face is that the average conversion rate from lead to customer is just 2%!

This strategy: 

  1. takes months or even years to implement 
  2. is expensive and complicated 
  3. is demoralizing to sales teams due to the cold calling that is required 

Most importantly, this strategy will not differentiate your start-up with investors.



A 5-day Guide to Controlling What Cannot be Controlled
What types of development resources are available?
Our in-house team and extended network were developed over 15 years delivering contract projects for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. We have access to all types of development resources and more significantly, have documented their capabilities over multiple projects and years.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dusty LeValley
CEO, Trusted Dispatch
Not only did SVGA bring a new sales framework to our startup, they lead the process to implement it and even trained our young team on best practices.
Erin Millar
Founder, The Discourse
SVGA provided the marketing framework that proved that our business model was scalable.
Day 1
Setting Up Your Brand New Relic of Imbued Evil
Day 2
Hushing the Murmurs That Do Not Cease
Day 3
Integrating with Marketo
Day 4
Productivity Tips For You and Your New Pet
Day 5
Email Marketing! And the Endless Void That Awaits






How do we agree on the amount of equity for development work?
Every project includes a project plan with deliverables, timeline and a cash value. Once you have accepted the project, the cash value is converted to equity at the rate and structure that you are using to accept other cash investors. In the event that you have not yet determined an investment vehicle, we are happy to recommend an industry standard note structure.
What if the Development deliverables don’t meet my requirements?
You have the final signoff of project deliverables and as such can reject the development deliverables in whole or in part.
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Creating a go-to-market strategy that is: Affordable, Effective & Compelling to Investors.


Your Biggest Challenge? Limited Resources.

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We have 150 full-time developers and an extended network of thousands of experienced development professionals that are available on a contract, project or full-time basis. This bench has been developed over the past fifteen years and represents the best and the brightest in Desktop development, eCommerce, mobile, AWS, SaaS, Security, and GUI design.

We are especially effective at contract resourcing for specialty projects that don’t need to expand your core team. 

Our model is simple, we develop a specification and a budget. You sign off and we deliver. Our project budget converts to equity on the same basis that you are raising cash - only after you have accepted the deliverables.

Alternatively, if you have the cash to pay - that works just as well. 

We provide marketing infrastructure and growth that is second to none.
A mobile application needed to create a two-sided marketplace to succeed. The problem, there seemed to be no economically viable way to attract buyers and sellers at the same time and at the same rate. It was costing $25 to attract a buyer who would then quickly leave the marketplace if no sellers were present. Our solution is a unique feature of our Audience AI™ platform which can identify and promote to both potential buyers and sellers at the same time.

And these services are available in exchange for equity.

In another example, the business model depended on getting very specialized individuals to participate in online panels. Once again, the Audience AI™ platform could reach out to virtually every individual with a specific qualification in order to reliably fill the panels.

of Startups fail due to lack of resources and sales.


At SVGA we have developed a proprietary methodology that is far more effective and will help to differentiate you in the market.

On Demand without increasing your cash burn.

Highlights of our methodology include:

Eliminating MQLs - there is only one kind of lead: a Sales Qualified Lead where sales can validate that there is appetite budget, decision makers and urgency to buy. 

Investor Community:

Our marketing approach has attracted the attention of the Angel and VC communities for obvious reasons:

  1. We can reduce the amount of capital needed.

  2. Risk of failure is reduced due to immediate access to customer feedback and revenue.

We are happy to help with your pitch deck and make introductions.

You Still Need Cash to Run your Business

If you can articulate a Unique Selling Proposition, want to work with a partner and believe in a team culture, SVGA might be a fit.



How do we determine the amount of equity for marketing work?
Marketing services are billed monthly according to an agreed set of services and so will accumulate unless terminated by you. The reason is that campaigns are usually ongoing unlike development projects which have a specific end date.
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Building Trust - people only buy from companies they trust. We build in trust every step of the way. 

Building Relevance - we gather data about both the prospect and their company in order to better understand their pain point, the language they use to describe their needs and the value that your solution provides. 

Suggested Communication - we help you build a trust relationship from the get-go by suggesting the most effective messaging between you and your the prospect.

To find out more about our proprietary sales and marketing platform, please apply below.