Enterprise Level Marketing That Small And Medium Businesses Can Afford

How can we deliver world-class, enterprise-level campaigns on an SMB budget? 

In part, because that’s exactly what we set out to do! 

Our five-point Growth Engine is a result of years of experience across digital marketing, behavioral science, software development, eCommerce and advertising. 

Your campaigns will be delivered by the same team that executes our global enterprise accounts.

To successfully deliver your campaign, we rely on a proven set of project steps that eliminate mistakes, costly delays, and unproductive downtime.
Step 1

Our comprehensive checklist ensures that system access, campaign materials and approval processes are documented up front.


No Time to Waste:
5 Steps to Stellar Results
Step 2
Research & Analysis

Our Behavioural Models provide a proven structure that informs our messaging and creative direction. We use proprietary big data to identify specific target customer profiles in order to properly set up the test campaigns.

Step 3
The Creative Build

We take a range of messaging that our behavioral research suggests will motivate customers to take action and we apply them across targeted customer channels. The creative build combines X Messages with Y Creative into Z Channels.

How can SVGA give SMBs enterprise-level services?
We have spent years perfecting a combination of methodology and technology that combines to produce a very effective and very efficient digital campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions






I’ve been burned by digital marketing agencies and can usually deliver better results in house.
We are not focused on the same old Google Ad Words or PPC campaigns that your team has already tried. We can describe our approach up front where you can see the differences.
I have a very limited budget versus what your enterprise accounts can afford.
We can make most budgets work simply by completely a test phase that will demonstrate what type of return you can expect from scaling up the spend.



I’ve worked with specialty agencies before but haven’t found an affordable, full-service firm.
We don’t start with a large retainer, we start with campaigns that will prove the merits of scaling your spend. And we have become very good at creating Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for the creative so you are not looking at huge, up front, production budgets.
Step 4

The Test Phase is the heart of the SVGA Agile Methodology. We test our assumptions on three axis: Target, Messaging, and Creative. Our three axis approach is how we outperform most competitors. Then we look at performance data in real time and iterate fast.

Step 5

From lessons learned in the Test Phase we continuously optimize campaigns through our Sprint Framework. Only when a Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) is proven do we start to ramp up the media budget. That’s how we ensure every penny inspires a customer to take action.

In today's marketing environment, platforms and automation tools are evolving so fast most teams can’t keep up. Consumers are more informed than ever and brands are fighting a losing battle for attention. In 2019 marketing fatigue is an issue.
At SVGA we make meaningful connections to new customers at scale. That’s why our 5 Point Growth Engine can be deployed across all PPC, SEO, SEM, Pragmatic, Voice and Text channels.

Marketing Landscape

eMarketer® 2017

of Marketing Budgets are Misspent or Wasted.
Calculate Your SVGA Upside
We can usually predict what your upside will be before you spend a cent with SVGA.
Could your marketing team benefit from enterprise level expertise in digital marketing, behavioral science, software development, eCommerce and big data?
Yes, it could. 

Book a call now and let us show you the success we’ve achieved in both B2B and B2C campaigns using our proprietary Growth Engines. We’ll look at every aspect of your marketing system to calculate exactly what your SVGA upside will be.
Explore world-class, enterprise-level campaigns on an SMB budget.

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Julie Candelon
VP Marketing, Scality
I brought the SVGA team in to review our overall marketing program. The team was able to dramatically increase the effectiveness of our media campaign.
Mark Cluett
VP Marketing, Trident Brands
SVGA was instrumental in helping us better understand our target customers, the most effective marketing channels for our product and developed the creative that engaged our market personas. They were able to work with our in-house marketing team and produced the marketing intelligence we needed to make decisions
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