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How can SVGA deliver enterprise-level digital marketing services for less than competing agencies?
At SVGA we have combined marketing services, technology platforms and a disciplined agile methodology to gain operating efficiencies and drive down costs for our clients. In other words, we have eliminated expensive agency hours and replaced them with data-driven semi-automated services.


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How can we take on an agile approach to creative and messaging but maintain our brand integrity?
Our process advocates the elimination of upfront, monolithic creative production of brand assets. Instead, we advocate the testing of targeting, messaging and creative. Creative production decisions can then be based on actual test campaign data. We let your customers tell us what they love about your brand - and then give them more of it.
Switching agencies can be a costly, risky and sometimes traumatic experience.
We advocate a Proof of Concept (POC) approach where a specific campaign goals or marketing system can be developed and perfected outside of your current agency relationship. Some clients chose to transfer entirely to SVGA while others integrate in-house teams or ask us to partner with current agencies. Whatever works for you, works for us!



We have a significant investment in infrastructure and expertise. How do SVGA resources integrate with this infrastructure?
We offer a complete development group that can integrate into or modernizes an existing marketing automation environment. In terms of your in house expertise, we can both collaborate and train as appropriate.

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Marketing strategy should drive marketing infrastructure. Not the other way round. But for many large companies, the rate of technological change makes it risky to integrate new infrastructure that enables teams to execute cutting edge programs.
A common starting point for enterprise customers is with a Proof of Concept (POC). This program removes the risk factors of major enterprise campaign overhauls. The SVGA program rolls out as follows:
A Solution Big Enterprise Can Get Behind
Step 4

This is where the rubber hits the road! In this final phase, the POC is installed into the day-to-day marketing operations. SVGA integration teams connect our systems so that we can seamlessly share meaningful marketing data, like transaction and interaction data from all customer touch points. We set your marketing team up for success by integrating the discipline of our agile marketing methodology with your in-house project management systems which in combination delivers the SVGA upside.

Step 3
Test Phase

Using SVGA AWS® infrastructure, we implement and test specific digital marketing programs based on our Behavioural EQ™, Audience AI™, Content OE™, RealTime ML™ and Agile DM™ methodologies. The outcome of this test phase is evidence that the POC will achieve the business objectives.

Step 2

We measure success by business outcomes. Not by complex and perhaps irrelevant technical use cases. Because if you’re not getting the results you need, it doesn’t matter how fancy your dashboard is. Right?

Step 1

We review your current marketing metrics and tech stack. This stage is key to set project scope, benchmark the overall POC and define what success looks like.

Big monthly retainers, vague performance targets, cryptic reports; if your marketing data isn’t adding up, it may be time to take a look at SVGA. We combine big data with an agile marketing methodology to understand, identify and activate your customers like never before. 

And our reports are a joy to read.

But don’t take our word for it. Most enterprise clients choose to engage us with a Proof Of Concept project ahead of making any significant changes to marketing infrastructure. We welcome the opportunity to show you the upside of an SVGA partnership.

AWS hosted big data and marketing automation systems

 Full stack development and digital marketing services.

At SVGA we solve this problem for our enterprise clients:
Why should your legacy marketing infrastructure dictate how you market today?

eMarketer® 2017

of Marketing Budgets are Misspent or Wasted.
Elisa Wong
VP Marketing, Swiss Gear and Travel Pro
The SVGA team competed against a field of competing agencies and were picked for a bakeoff against. Within 2 months of a 3 month trial, SVGA was so far ahead of the competition, we chose them for both brands.
Neal Lassila
VP, Disney Consumer Products
Chris’ team was among the top vendors that I have ever worked with. Their attention to client success above all made all the difference.
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the SVGA Enterprise Program.
Could your marketing team benefit from enterprise level expertise in digital marketing, behavioral science, software development, eCommerce and big data?
Yes, it could. 

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