Is Your B2B Marketing Ready for 2021?

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Now That In-Person Is No Longer An Option, Are Your Sales & Marketing Teams Ready To Meet The Challenge?

SVG Agents helps companies meet their revenue targets. We build robust marketing funnels, sophisticated automation and comprehensive omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Work with SVG Agents to map your growth strategy, support your in-house Sales and Marketing teams - and achieve your sales and revenue goals.

Growth Services

Focusing Your Growth Strategy

We bring strategy to life, turning complex business problems into growth opportunities. Our executive workshops harness experience, creativity and customer insight to refocus your growth for the digital first economy.
  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • ​Brand Blueprint Strategy and Execution Plan
  • ​Customer Interviews
  • ​Competitive Analysis
  • ​Competitive Advantages 
  • ​Audience Insights
  • ​Persona Building
  • ​Strategic Levers
  • ​Differentiators
  • ​Account Based Marketing Strategy

Content With Purpose

Every piece of content you produce must have a purpose; to engage your customers, build trust and move them through the buyer's journey. We specialise in purpose-driven content that achieves your business objectives. 
  • Education Videos
  • ​Marketing Videos
  • ​Thought Leadership Videos
  • ​Sales Videos
  • ​Podcasts
  • ​Chatbot Dialogue
  • ​Email Drip Campaigns
  • ​Articles 
  • ​eBooks
  • ​Whitepapers

Growth Marketing

We support your in-house teams with state-of-the-art digital marketing strategy and execution. We’ll show you how to craft a human connection through the digital experience - and grow your business.
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • ​Paid Social Media Advertising
  • ​Search Engine Marketing
  • ​Search Engine Optimization
  • ​Display Advertising
  • ​Native Advertising 
  • ​Marketing Automation
  • ​Web Design
  • ​Marketing Funnel Design

How We Work With You

We are part of your team. Our people and programs integrate seamlessly. 


Our templates get you on-boarded quickly and efficiently. First, we understand everything about your customers and why they buy from you. Then we nail the messaging that triggers your customers to buy. Our process fuses executive insight, customer interviews and competitor analysis to get to success - fast.


We work beside you, in step with your team. And it shows in the way we report; we’re data driven and results focused. You’ll find we’re proactive in our approach and we think critically. 

Exactly what you’d expect from a trusted team member.


Our weekly reports reflect the pace we set for campaign testing and validation. We constantly comb data for evidence that our campaigns can scale profitably. We steer clear of vanity metrics to give you the information you need to make strategic, data driven decisions.


Our client success methodology is proven - and effective. First we test, then we scale.  Then we expand into new channels, look-alike audiences and adjacent markets. We drive down the cost of acquisition every step of the way. 

How We Achieve Success For Our Clients

Omnichannel Marketing

We understand buying behavior in the digital environment, which is why we use a cross-channel content marketing strategy that creates trust relationships with your audience across all digital touch points. 

Big Data + Insight

Our proprietary database contains over 370 million professional profiles. We cultivate highly-targeted prospect lists tailored to your ideal customer profile. 20+ plus filters and machine-enriched profiles ensure precise and accurate data. You get direct access to these data profiles when working with us.

Content Strategy & Production

We create premium quality, precise and engaging content designed to nurture your prospects along the buyers journey. We've produced hundreds of pieces of premium content for our clients, ranging from targeted sales pieces through to podcasts, broadcast quality live events and digital conferences. 

Domain Expertise

We’ll understand your business, not just your marketing strategy. From start-up to enterprise, our team brings domain expertise and seasoned insight that extends far beyond digital marketing. 

Virtual Sales Mastery 

We understand how to nurture the human connection through digital - and grow your business stronger than ever in the new virtual sales environment.

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